The buildings of schools and colleges are use less for the students without qualified teachers and professors, buildings of Hospitals are use less for the patients without qualified doctors; similarly a building by the name of Khanqah is use less for the Mureeds with out a "Shaykh-e-Kaamil" as the "Shaykh-e-Kaamil" himself is a Khanqah.

For Zahiree educations there are Madaaris, Makaatib, schools, colleges and Universities. The institution for the rectification of Inner-self (Baatin) and cure of spiritual ailments and its up gradation is called Khanqah which is incomplete without a "Shaykh-e-Kaamil".

Just a sincere, devoted "Shaykh-e-Kaamil" having uncompromising love with Allah and the Sunnah is himself a Khanqah; though he is an Imaam of a Masjid or is a teacher of a Madrasah or is a business man or is serving in any lawful field of life, is poor or rich having no building by the name of Khanqah.

Khanqah is not the name of a building having in it grave of a saint.

Khanqah is not that place where there are found Ta'wezaat at different prices and every problem is solved by Ta'wezaat. Where every one is told that he is effected by black magic and Sehr etc. while in reality he is not effected by these things and may have some Physical, psychological or spiritual illness. We don't discard the Ta'wezaat totally but condemn that way which is openly opposing the Sunnah.

Khanqah is not a place where the publicity is its first requirement.

It does not a place where some people gather and do Zikr-o-Ashghaal at some specific day and time.

Khanqah is a spiritual institution where the presence of a Shaykh-e-Kaamil is must to guide the people spiritually. If a "Shaykh-e-Kaamil" is not present there that place and gathering can never be a Khanqah.

The necessity of a building comes under consideration for "Shaykh-e-Kaamil" only when there are so many Mureeds who wish to stay in the company the shaykh for some days.