Our Shaykh

Maulana Pir Muhammad Naeemullah Farooqi Naqshbandi

Auto Biography of Our Shaykh

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Hadhrat Maulana Pir Muhammad Naeemullah Farooqi Naqshbandi (DB) Says:

"My biography will not beneficial to the most of people because it also contains the uncivilized behavior and attitude of the people remained concerned with me. I promoted so many people spiritually but betrayed by them. Though I have to reap the reward from Allah Ta'aalaa but in biography all necessary incidents have to be included to keep the history record correct.

Moreover all praises are for Allah Ta'aalaa and I am unable to praise myself and show my achievements in the field of Tasawwuf and Tareeqat.

At Present there are so many Khulafaa who tell the people to do Zikr and when the Zaakir gets some affective susceptibility, they are unable to handle it. They ask their Mureeds to remain linked with them but do not keep proper link with their own shaykh.

In these circumstances my Biography will not suitable at all"

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