Our Shaykh

Maulana Pir Muhammad Naeemullah Farooqi Naqshbandi

Khulafaa of our Shaykh

Hadhrat Shaykh Maulana Naeemullah Farooqi Naqshabndi (DB) has granted Khilaafat to the following Mashaa'ikh. Some of them are active and some of them are inactive. Moreover some of these don't use the name of Hadhrat Shaykh (DB), but are using the name of other Mashaa'ikh from whome they got Khilaafat after the Khilaafat of Hadhrat Shaykh (DB). All Mashaa'ikh are requested to spread the name of Allah.

People are advised by Hadhrat Shaykh (DB) to not only trust rely upon the Khilaafat of Hadhrat Shaykh (DB) but should also judge personally the Akhlaaq and Mu'amalaat (Moral attributes & qualities) before making bay'at with them.

Important Notes

Hadhrat Shaykh Maulaana Abdur Rauf Sufi (Db) Batley, UK and Shaykh-ul-Hadeeth Hadhrat Maulaana Muhammad Abdullah Kapodarvi (DB) Canada had already Ijaazat from other shaykhs but due to their humility they were hasitating to do work of their silsilah so Hadhrat Shaykh (DB) gave them Khilaafat to encourage them to do work.


  1. Shaykh-ul-Hadeeth Hadhrat Maulaana Muhammad Ya'qoob Rabbani (Db) Pakistan
  2. Shaykh Haafiz-ul-Bukhaari Hadhrat Maulaana Muhammad Mushtaaq ( (Db) Pakistan
  3. Shaykh Hadhrat Zahid Abdul Hameed Patel (DB) Batley , UK
  4. Shaykh Hadhrat Maulanaa Saleem Dhorat (Db) Leicester, UK
  5. Shaykh Hadhrat Maulaana Syed Bahauddin (DB) Birmingham, UK
  6. Shaykh Hadhrat Maulaana Abdur Rauf Sufi (Db) Batley, UK
  7. Shaykh Hadhrat Maulaana Yousuf Ali Makda (DB) Black Burn, UK
  8. Shaykh Hadhrat Maulaana Hafiz Mumtaz-Ul-Haq Malik (DB) London, UK
  9. Shaykh-ul-Hadeeth Hadhrat Maulaana Muhammad Abdullah Kapodarvi (DB), Canada
  10. Shaykh Hadhrat Maulaana Khursheed Ahmed Gangohi (Db) Pakistan
  11. Shaykh Hadhrat Maulaana Sarfaraaz Ahmad Awaan (Db) Pakistan
  12. Shaykh Hadhrat Maulaana Hafiz Khursheed Ahmed Tijaawri (DB) New York, USA
  13. Shaykh Hadhrat Maulaana Javaid Bhaiyat (DB) Mary Land, USA
  14. Shaykh Hadhrat Maulaana Abdullah Nana (DB) Lanasia, South Africa
  15. Shaykh Hadhrat Maulaana Mufti Farooq Saifullah Khalid (Db) Lahore, Pakistan